Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time for Monday

Let's collaborate on details for Monday. Some thoughts:

1. As John said, we want to play for several hours since we'll have the time, probably at least 3, maybe 4 hours.
2. That said, we will be getting a babysitter (probably my parents), so it can't be much longer than 4 hours, unless we play in the evening and split it up. For example, start at 5 pm, babysitter drops off the kids at 8 and we put them to bed, then play for another 2 hours or so. But that's kind of a hassle and there's no guarantee the kids will fall asleep right away, especially with people in the house.
3. It may be cool to do a barbecue or at least get pizza and beer or something to go along with our D&Ding.
4. We're happy having it at our place, but since the kids won't be around, it's not a necessity like usual. Although if we do a barbecue, our place may be the most suitable unless we take over OJ's place for the afternoon.

Here are two options (feel free to chime in with others):

Option A: Come over to our place around noon. We'll barbecue (or do something else food-ish), I'll go drop the kids off while we're cleaning up lunch and when I get back we can play from like 1 - 5.

Option B: Come over around 1 or 2 pm, play for four hours or so, then my parents can bring the kids back around 6 and we can barbecue at that point.

I think I prefer Option B of those two. Let me know what you guys think. Obviously, this also depends on TC's availability, so let us know as soon as you can, Brian. Like I said, we have no problems hosting, but if someone else wants to volunteer, that's cool too.

Edit: Or, as OJ suggests, you can all come over at like 7 am and we'll just play until midnight like the hardcore nerds we are.


Lord Bolt said...

count it,

see you at 7.

Ieuan said...

Um, I am going to pass on the 7am-12am thing..

I am up for whatever. It can even be at my apartment; I have a bbq. Whatever is most convenient for you, Dan & Julia, since you have the kiddies. John and I can also bring whatever (bbq items + beer + non-soupy cookies) for this event - and an event it will be.

Taran said...

It kind of depends on who we get as a babysitter. If it's my parents, it will be much easier to have it at our place since my parents live right down the street. If it's Julia's parents, it might be easier to have it at your place Bethany. I'll find out in the next couple days who it will be and we can decide on a place Friday night or something.