Friday, August 22, 2008

The Beginning...

Welcome to We're Not Really Nerds, We Swear. This is our inaugural D&D blog posting. I have emailed you all and invited you as authors of this site so you can post. Feel free to come on and post as you, or your character, or your grandma or whatever the heck you want. Just put your name at the end so we know who it is you are posting as. You can always comment on a posting as well, if you don’t feel like posting a whole entry. Just use your name for that, rather than signing in.

This blog can be about anything. The first thing I’ll post up here is the backstories, so they’re available to everyone. So far, I’ve got John’s and mine, and, uhhh, something from OJ. I’ll also post all of our stats (I’m not sure if I can post an excel file on here, but if I can, I will). If you have a question about something, put it up. If you want to talk about how much fun you’re having, post it up. If you don’t like Brian’s character, please, let us all know. Every week someone can post a summary of our previous adventure.

I think this can be a lot of fun. Obviously, I’m really excited and involved, but you guys don’t have to be quite as into it to enjoy yourselves. Really, this is about us getting together and playing a game, so don’t let my intensity scare you off. At its core, this is just an over-sized board game, with the added bonus of allowing you to utilize you creativity to give the game the flavor you want. I’m pumped! See you all on Monday evening.
- Dan

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