Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is not a posting on dice roll percentages, feats or skills. It is however, a brief glimpse into how being an undercover D&Der is affecting me. I am sure this is how John's and my wedding will be:


- sigh -


Taran said...

I'm glad Weird Al finally got married. Good for him.

As an aside, junior bridesmaid Katrina looks like she got in a time machine and got stuck in the late 70's. And that's not even counting the red velvet dress with the lion insignia... My favorite might be the last picture with the grandma in the star trek shirt.

Moonglum said...

My absolute favorite part:

"Pastor Holste had no problem whatsoever with our wedding and even wrote a special homily about love in Klingon and Sindarin (languages from Star Trek and LotR)."

Fantastic. I'm definitely doing my best-man speech in Klingon at your guys' wedding!

Ieuan said...

Oh, my goodness. :)

I would laugh and laugh. My dad would love that, the Trekkie that he is.

Taran said...

Is it cool if I wear a broadsword slung across my back?

Ieuan said...

Sure, but out of respect for the occasion I ask that you leave it in your car for the ceremony. The reception is fine. Just don't drink so much mead/ale that you start getting violent with it.

Ieuan said...

I just actually realized there was a 2nd page to that link... omg. Those pictures kill me.

John, I want to read our secret vows to each other off of parchment scrolls.


Taran said...

Dude, if you guys have mead at your wedding?


Taran said...

Nice call on the second page. I didn't see that either.

That kiss? Yeah, first time for both of them.