Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some notes on our first adventure

So I think everyone had fun; I certainly did. Going through the rules was a little tedious for everyone, I think. I'm sure there are more rules to learn. Thoughts:

1. I think we got kind of bogged down in the rules (at the end it seemed like an endless series of dice rolls) so that we forgot that this is a simulation of a story. From what I've read in the DM Handbook, we want to try to steer away from that kind of thinking. I think we did well at this at first when we were talking to townsfolk and going to the mine. I mean, who didn't have fun when Malak got kicked out of the bar and Lord Bolt had to bluff that we didn't know him?

2. Related to that, we have to remember that we can do anything within reason and our DM will let us know if that's possible. Examples in retrospect: Lotheryn could have thrown the torch at a grain sack or a barrel and used that to damage the kobold since we had such a hard time hitting them with weapons. Malak could have pushed over the shelves to try to crush one underneath. Ieuan could have tried to bluff the kobolds into thinking we wanted to be friends. Lord Bolt could have eaten some rotten grain...wait, he did that. Never mind. Obviously I didn't think of these things either, but I figure it will definitely be more fun if we try to think outside the box rather than always "I better go hit this dude with my sword." I suppose hitting a dude with your sword will probably be the best option most of the time, I'm just saying it doesn't hurt to think of different ways to get the job done.

3. We have to ask TC a couple things. Certainly about Lotheryn's wolf companion and probably about Moonglum's familiar, when he gets it. I don't remember any other specific questions I had, but either post them here or try to remember them for Monday if you have any.

Don't get me wrong, I had a really good time, and I think a lot of those things were weird because it being the first time we've played. I'm thinking Monday will be a real hootenanny.


Lord Bolt said...

i had a good time too, and i agree with Dan. I think, especially because some of us have a background in fantasy (or at least fantasy-themed computer games), there's a tendency to think that the *rules* of the encounter are the most important thing... while that would be true in a computer game or even a board game, in our adventure it seemed like things were the most fun when we just thought them up on the fly.

I think we should all try to take our turns as independently as possible at first... after all, we barely know each other, and we are much more a band of adventurers with diverse purposes then we are some sort of military regiment. I think Me, OJ, Dan, and Brian are all so versed in "tactics" that we are inclined to make a lot of suggestions and game plan and such, and the beauty of D&D (so far as i can tell) is that you DON'T have to be good at that kind of stuff to either A. have fun or B. be legitimately useful to the purpose of our adventure. You can just say what occurs to you and TC can make it work.

Anyway I had fun too and I think our creativity will make the game a lot more fun as we get more used to when, how, and why we have to roll dice.

Taran said...

Well put, Lord Bolt. I think this depends a lot on Julia, Bethany, and Angela to really make their own decisions (no pressure). Let's face it, I'm a control freak. And as Bolt mentioned, I, along with the other menfolk among us, am pretty knowledgable already at fantasy tactics. Which often prompts me to make a declaration of what I think the best move is for a given situation. But I think it will be the most fun if we work independently.

So I'm going to do the best I can to butt out. That doesn't mean we can't help each other; certainly we will. It just means that we shouldn't centralize the decision-making. It will be more fun for everyone if each person plays their character like they want.