Saturday, August 30, 2008

Plan for Monday

For Monday:

Meet over at our place at 2 pm and we'll get right into it. For food,

Julia and I: We will have salad, fruit, chips, and drinks (mostly left over from tonight). We also have paper plates, forks, etc.

Brian and Angela: Bring some meat and a sidedish.

John and Bethany: Bring your brats and some dessert.

OJ: Beer. Although you might want to talk to Brian and Angela about it, since they might be able to get some cheap beer and maybe you can pay them back or something.

We will have the seven of us, plus TC and maybe his friend. And I was going to ask my parents to join us since they're helping us out by watching the kids the whole time. So that's 11 people, fyi. It should be fun! Call around or post here in the comments whether or not that will work for everyone.


Lord Bolt said...

lol @ "brats.."

we don't have any little brats yet, Dan. Geez. wedlock is important to us.

Taran said...

This coming from the dude who contracted the Burning Plague? Right...

Lord Bolt said...

at level 3 i am immune to all diseases... hide your women.