Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Template Feedback

Template update:

This new style should be pretty good for our purposes, although I will look for notepad-scroll type background that we can use to add a little texture.


Moonglum said...

I like the stretch. I dislike the white background. Just a little color would be cool.

Ieuan said...

I dislike the stretch, and I dislike the white. This just looks like any old website now... I liked that the previous format was more like a scroll, and I could easily read it. I could decipher that script.

Taran said...

LOL @ deciphering script. Nice.

I didn't see the stretch since you changed it back before I could see it, but my feedback is this: I like the overall look of the blog now (the color scheme and general layout), but I hate that there's so much wasted space on each side. If there was any way to JUST fix that, I'd be all in favor.

Lord Bolt said...

i feel exactly the same way as taran. i think changing the template just to achieve the stretched look is probably too radical.

i have not had any luck finding a way to stretch this template out, but i might screw with the template source code a bit in the coming days.

Taran said...

Liked the widening of the blog, not so sure about the notepad background. It's too distracting to the eye. If you could get like a parchment or a scroll or something, that would be some nice ambience, otherwise, I say leave it be.

Lord Bolt said...

f yo eye fool

(ok i'll keep looking)