Monday, August 25, 2008

Scheduling Sucks

So as most (all?) of you know, we have scheduling issues. Brian and I discussed possible solutions on Sunday, but we didn’t come up with anything definite. Here are my ideas.

We get together tonight just to hang out. We can finish working on our characters. I think John and Bethany still need to pick their skills, we all need to decide on feats and we need to pick our equipment. That shouldn’t take too long, so we can play a game of Citadel or Buzzword (it’s a new game I got for my birthday) or something.

After tonight, it’s up in the air. I have softball games the next two Thursdays. This week it’s at 9:30, so that makes things tough. Our kids go to bed at 8, so you could come over then and we could hang out for an hour until 9, when I have to leave for the game. You guys are welcome to stick around after I leave, of course.

Next week are the playoffs for softball, so I will probably have a 7 pm game, but if we win, we’ll have another game at 9. But that Monday is also Labor Day, so TC (our DM) shouldn’t have school. So I'm thinking we go on Monday next week, if we can, since Thursday is out for me.

After next week I will probably have two weeks off where I’d be ok on Thursdays. After that it’s just a crapshoot depending on when my game is each week.

Here's the way the schedule would look:
Tonight @ 8:15 pm
Thursday? 8/28 @ 8 - 9 pm
Monday (Labor Day) 9/1 @ 8:15 pm
Thursday 9/11 @ 8:15 pm
Thursday 9/18 @ 8:15 pm

The other option is to go with a different day of the week entirely. For me, it doesn’t matter. One day is as good as the next (other than Thursday, of course). Julia is pretty much the same way – there are no weekdays that are worse than others. I think Brian would prefer Mondays or Thursdays. OJ said it kind of depends, but Thursdays might actually be a little bit worse because they’re league nights. I’m not sure if that’s accurate or not. Either Tuesdays or Wednesdays are perfectly fine for me and Julia, but we can make something work if we have to do a different day.

We can discuss this tonight or you can comment on here.

Expect a story from Julia coming up here pretty soon.



Moonglum said...

Maybe Tuesday would work best then as a regular night. We can always discuss this tonight if we are going to get together.

Lord Bolt said...

Bethany and I should be good for any night...

we would both prefer Thursday, because I don't have class the next day, and she only works a half day on Fridays (making staying up late a more attractive proposition on the night before), so the nights that Thursday CAN go down would be best for us. However, if we want to go on Tuesdays starting whenever we can do that too.