Saturday, October 4, 2008

loot, gear and treasure

Whatever you want to call it, getting new ish is my favorite part of playing roll playing games. But it occurred to me after last week (when I knew exactly what I wanted to drop after the encounter) that some might appreciate some help in figuring out what drops they should be hoping to find. Since we are on the brink of level three, I thought I would put out a list of the basics that we all might want as level up and venture through level 3.

A few things to note before we get started. First, you don't have to want the things I listed. It is just meant to be a sort of starting guide in case you have no idea. Second, you don't have to wait for these things to randomly drop in order to recieve them. So far, our DM has been rather lenient in what we are able to buy in between campains. I would imagine that that will continue into the future and so you can certainly hope for a sweet sweet drop but you could also just save up some money and buy your heart's desire as well. Finally, be patient. The intended way for loot to be distributed is really confusing, especially because 7 people is so much bigger than the normal party size. The easiest way to think about it might be in terms of straight cash. On average, a single level 3 encounter will drop 900g for the 7 of us to split (that is up from 600g from a level 2 encounter). Sometimes that will take the form of cash for us all to split but othertimes there will be a little bit of cash and then one big item for just one person to have. So if you ever get something really big, realize that you might have to wait awile before you get another super-pimp drop. I'll put the cash value of all the recomended stuff below so you know which things are big and which are not as big.

Alright, on to the loot!!


Composite Longbow (+2 Strength) 300g

MW Greatsword (he might already have this benefit) 400g

Mithril chain shirt 1100g

Potions of Bull’s Strength 300g


Composite Longbow (+2 Strength) 300g

MW Longbow (he might already have this benefit) 315g

Full plate armor 1500g

MW heavy steel shield 170g

Potions of Bull’s Strength 300g


MW Flail (he might already have this benefit) 308g

MW Short sword 310g

Mithril chain shirt 1100g

MW heavy steel shield (I’m not sure if you carry a shield with you, just in case) 170g

Potions of Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace 300g (each)


Wand of magic missile (caster level 1) 750g

MW light crossbow 335g

+1 bracers of armor 1000g

Scroll of: summon monster II, web, blur, fog cloud 150g (each)

Potions of Fox's Cunning 300g


MW rapier 320g

Mithril chain shirt 1100g

Potions of Cat’s Grace 300g


Wand of magic missle (caster level 1) 750g

MW longbow 300g

MW long sword 315g

+1 bracers of armor 1000g

Scroll of: color spray, charm person, cause fear 25g (each)

Potions of Eagle's Splendor 300g


MW scimitar 315g

Wand of cure light wounds 750g

Scroll of: barkskin, bear’s endurance, bull’s strength, cat’s grace, owl’s wisdom, flame blade, flaming sphere 150g (each)

Potions of Owl's Wisdom 300g

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