Monday, September 29, 2008

Oregon - USC Madness

So this weekend is a big game. Oregon - USC, the alma maters of 4 out of our 7 adventurers (and the other three don't really count). 5 pm.

My parents will be out of town, but they have a large television and a nice barbecue and air conditioning and good seating arrangements and all that jazz, so they've offered me use of the ol' place for purposes of watching the game. Can you guys join me?

I'm steeling myself for a couple of things. 1) USC is going to be psycho mad since they lost to a garbage team last week. 2) Oregon's quarterbacks SUCK. We have like 5 of them. None of them are good.

So I have a feeling it may be like years past (the several before last year). Oregon comes out strong in the first quarter, but doesn't really dominate. They get a TD, maybe a FG too, but don't really pull away like you think they should. The second quarter, they make some more good plays, but USC starts to get back in it, and it winds up being a 3 point game at halftime, and Oregon fans can feel things start to slip. In the third quarter, the four horseman of the apocalypse show up and ride down every Oregon player who is any good. USC promptly scores 4 TD's and puts the game away early in the fourth quarter.

Then again, USC did lose to Oregon St...hmmmm.

Of course I think we CAN win - I'm just taking the pessimistic approach for superstitious reasons. Don't tempt the football gods. Go Ducks!

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