Sunday, September 7, 2008

Schedule for OJ in the next two months

Well, as some of you may now its now that wondeful time that's called the fall season where I manage to stretch myself over 7 days of sitting at numerous pool decks over OC. That being said I figured I'd post my times so that when we decide to figure out what normal day we play then I can hopefully be there. Without much further ado here it is...(mind you this does not include games, or tournaments where I know I will run late or won't be able to make it.)

-End at Beckman HS @ 8:00pm

-End at Servite HS @ 8:30pm

-End at Tustin HS @ 8:00pm

-End at Beckman/Foothill 8:00/8:30 (League Nights for Servite last game at 6:00)

-End at Tustin HS @ 8:00pm (Mind you after next friday I basically have tournaments every single weekend.)


Lord Bolt said...

i'm down for Thursday nights. we'll just play without OJ until he gets there. OJ is kind of weak anyway.

seriously though. if we played Thursday oj could you roll up at 8:30 pretty regularly? if so i would say thursday is tha day.

Taran said...

I don't mean to steal OJ's thunder, but I actually have a post about scheduling as well, and there's some good news and bad news.

Moonglum said...

I'm with John, if OJ doesn't mind coming straight from practice, we can get set up and perhaps even get started and OJ can just step right in whenever he gets there. I never noticed him doing all that much damage anyway last time we played.

Taran said...

Ooooh burned by a gnome. You gonna take that Malak?