Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adventure Recap 2 - Jungle Fever

So, I've been kicking it with the same dudes from the Grey Griffin Dungeon Hop (yeah, you don't know what happened to that dragon, do you? Let's just say I had to get "medieval" on it) for the past few weeks, and suddenly one thing led to another and some out-of-luck townsmen started to run their mouths about how "someone's been kidnapped." We found out the dude's name and the path he took, and set off into the jungle to let people know that level two or not, we mean business.

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In a bit of fortune, we were sent to save a kidnapped brother named "Marion" (only a brother would name their boy Marion) who had been dragged into the jungle for no good reason. We no sooner took eight steps into the wilderness when a giant monster made of leaves sprouted in our path and decided to make life difficult. Making things even worse, we HAD been chilling with a raging Barbarian named Malakalak, but he went AWOL right before the jungle cruise leaving us bereft of someone to intimidate the wolf if it got out of line. Needless to say, I put my own brand of Buck Unit Sauce on the Tree Monster, earning a free +10 damage that I still haven't used, and clearing the way to .. BEHOLD! a Jungle Temple Of Some Sort! Who knew?

Apparently Ponce De Leon had traveled this way before, because we stepped into a clearing and saw a shining font of glowing water, which healed all our wounds, refreshed our spells, and gave us all a bit of a contact high... sure enough, we also found Malak doing laps in the water like a black Milorad Cavic. After he popped out and gave us the runaround about how "we needed him to save the day" and all this business, we came face to face with the guardians of the Jungle Temple (Of Some Sort) who had murder on "they minds." Two serpents, one giant thing standing on a bloody temple, two men in robes, and one captured prisoner.. could it be our boy Marion?? could we stare down the forces of evil and emerge victorious??

Obviously, since my Boltness was in full effect, we could and we did. Malakkarious immediately begin making his presence felt with a massive rage, and Taran Tha Rangah took out his sword (which he phallicly named Rage) and went to work on the serpent dudes. Being a man of insight and action, I took the hooded dudes and showed them what's what (Knee-Juahz, all of them), and our caster-types made their presence felt with a magic missle fireworks display.

Things DID get a little shady when our Sorcerer took it straight in the dome from the temple guardian, but only a few moments of unconsciousness ensued before our beast-master arrived on the scene. We're still struggling to keep the wolf in check, but even the wolf put his teeth on some enemies just to prove our righteous intent.

Anyway, coast cleared, and to be honest, I'm not sure what became of the prisoner. Still, the stairs that led deep into the temple beckoned, and I'm about to make somebody pay for what they did to our Sorcerer... (you know how Lord Beezy likes to holler at 'em!)


Taran said...

Get your facts straight Bolt! My flail is named Rage, not my sword.

I believe we're actually looking for this man's daughter, but I'm not sure. To be honest, I wasn't really paying attention when the old man was talking. I thought I saw an orc behind a bush. I killed it, but it wound up just being a large badger. Damn!

Who in the seven hells is Ponce de Leon? If I'm not mistaken, I think that was the name of the guy who cut my grass once a month.

Moonglum said...

I was actually wondering who Milorad Cavic was.

Anonymous said...

Milorad Cavic is probably the person who most hates Michael Phelps..

Anonymous said...
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