Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wish List

Either in your spare time or next time we play, it would be helpful for me if we came up with some sort of wish list for everyone. Since there are a variety of different armors, weapons, magical clothing/jewlery and wonderous items that are available for everyone's character, and since I want you guys to have fun, we need to find out what you want most in the world (the D&D world, of course). So if you could list like 3-5 itmes that are no more than 4 levels above your level (so, for right now, nothing about item-level 6), that would be great. They don't all have to be combat oriented either (though most will have some combat use). Thanks!


Taran said...

Wish list, eh? Well, here's a couple for me:

Breaching Armor +1
Darkleaf Armor +1

Flaming Flail +1
Point Blank Bow +1
Thunderburst Bow +1
Firestorm Arrow(s) +1

Casque of Tactics (Head slot)
Cape of the Mountebank (Neck)

I guess that's more than a couple. That Casque of Tactics would work really well with the feats/powers I've chosen.

Any of those others would be cool. I don't really have a preference. I'll post something with Anca's desires next, although he already got a cool weapon so I'm not sure there will be much for him.

Taran said...

Here's some ideas for Lotheryn. I'll go through these with her and see if she wants to add anything.

Pouncing Beast Hide +1
Enduring Beast Hide +1

Feystorm Staff +1
Staff of Winter +1
Staff of Storms +1

Wildrunner Boots
Healer’s Brooch +1

Taran said...

Some possibilities for Anca (I'm leaving out any weapons since he just got his new one):

Serpentskin Hide +1
Bloodcut Hide +1
Barkskin Hide +1

Counterstrike Guards (arms)
Flame Bracers (arms)
Giantkind Gloves (hands)
Gauntlets of Ogre Power (hands)
Parry Gauntlets (hands)
Ironskin Belt

Taran said...

Some ideas for Sariel (given without her input, unfortunately):

Fireburst Cloth +1
Robe of Quills Cloth +1
Bloodthread Cloth +1

Inescapable Falchion +1
Vanguard Falchion +1
Oathblade +1
Terror Falchion +1
Final Word Falchion +1
Flensing Falchion +1
(I know I put lots of weapons up there, but they would all be pretty cool, I think)

Bloodthirst Bracers
Feyleaf Vambraces (I think these would be GREAT for Sariel)
Breach Bracers
Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Giantkind Gloves
Helm of Opportunity
Brooch of Shielding +1
Ornament of Alertness

Taran said...

All of the items I suggested were level 5 or below.

A lot of the level 6 stuff wasn't that exciting (meaning it only added +2 and didn't do anything else special, which is cool, but no fun).

I do want to add that if there are any Bracers of Archery (level 6) anywhere in this dungeon, I know one ranger who would be very happy.

I also want to list some wondrous items that could benefit just about anyone:

Flask of the Dragon's Breath
Battle Standard of Might
Flagon of Ale Procurement (YES!)
Lamp of Discerning

Taran said...

Well, I talked to Julia about it a little bit, and if she had to pick anything, it would be the Staff of Winter. The Staff of Storms is okay, but she liked the cold powers better.

She also wanted to add the Goggles of Aura Sight to her list of items she might like.