Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The reflexes of a cat, the speed of a mongoose

No time has been wasted! I recycled, I cashed in all the change I've been hording, I even DEed all my healing gear and sold the shards (wait, wrong game, sorry) and ended up with a surprising amount of cash. So I checked some prices at a few bookstores, quickly realized that amazon.com might be my dearest friend and now, after 3 days of shipping, arriving at my house will be the full gamut of 4e gear. I'll have the three core books, the player's handbook 2, the first module (Keep on the Shadowfel) and I even had enough money left over to spring for the Dungeon Master's Screen. That's right, I have a giant cardboard screen to block your prying eyes, and it even gives me super useful states on the back. I am a role-playing master!!!!!

Anyway, I'll be ready to go when we have our inaugural gathering on April 25th. It really might be nice if we had more than one copy of some of these books, but we can make it work no matter what. The player's handbook (1 and 2) each cost about $23 on amazon. If you guys want to split the cost of 1 or both of those, that might be really handy so we can have multiple copies of the rules, skills, feats, class features, etc. I have the full version of the character creator on my laptop now too so that should make figuring out our characters super easy.

Anyway, let's get hyped! It's D&D time again! (But I'm not really a nerd, I swear)


Taran said...

To be honest, I'm just impressed you spelled mongoose correctly. But down to business:

1. I think it would be a good idea if we chipped in to get a community set of handbooks. On Amazon, they would be about $50.00 total, so it would be a little more than $10 a person if Bethany, OJ, Julia and I split the cost. I don't think we can afford any of the other books, but are there any that you think we would need, Brian?

2. I'm not sure if this is included in the items you purchased, but we need to look at getting our own miniatures. Unfortunately (STUPID WORK FILTER), I can't get on the official D&D miniatures website. All of the other websites I've browsed have like 850 different categories of miniatures: Dark Delves, Gianthand, Eye of the Burning Butt, etc. I don't know where to start. There may be somewhere where we can get all of this very cheaply. Maybe I'll check out eBay and/or Craigslist.

3. We need to set a couple dates, namely, the date we’re going to roll our characters and the date we’re actually going to get started. I think we said that Fridays work best for everyone as far as a weekly get-together. Just so you know, I probably will NOT be available the next three Fridays after this coming one. The 17th I have a softball double header and I think Brian’s busy anyway. The 24th I will probably be hosting a bachelor party for my sister’s fiancé, and the 1st is the day before my sister’s wedding, which probably means I’ll be at a rehearsal dinner. Rolling our characters shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours, so we could do that on a Thursday, or we could get together on an upcoming Saturday night (other than May 2nd, I think we’re free on all of the upcoming Saturdays). What do you guys think?

My vote would be to roll characters this Thursday (tomorrow night) since Friday is Good Friday and I’m assuming Brian and Angela don’t have school, and I only have a half day of work the next day. If not, then we’ll leave it open.

4. I have the beginnings of an idea for a backstory on how to set this up, so I need to know if everyone is keeping their same character. Julia and I will be continuing with our druid and ranger, respectively. Are the rest of you sticking with yours, as well? I know it would definitely behoove us to have a fighter, rather than a barbarian, but that’s up to OJ. We can do whatever we want and see how it goes.

Moonglum said...

I had no idea if I was spelling mongoose correctly. Post titles don't support that squiggly red line for whatever reason so I always get a little nervous.

1) If we had a community set of books, I think that would be perfect. Any of the other books aren't strictly necessary and with the character builder, we can get most of their benefits anyway as it incorporates everything from every book. It would substantially speed things up to have more than one set to look at.

2) Miniatures are something I forgot about but something I have an answer for, sort of. There are officially licensed monster counters (that's what they call them) that are essentially a cardboard square with a color picture of the monster represented on them. Definitely not as cool as miniatures but they are super cheap and not terrible to look at. We could totally use those for our characters as well but it really would be cool if we could use mini's for those at least.

3) Ummmm, tomorrow would work, I think. You're right, Angela does not have work and neither do I so that would be a good time to stay up late. The only problem is none of the books will have arrived yet so we won't have anything to look through that isn't on a computer. Angela actually has next week off for spring break, would next Thursday work as an alternate day? Or a Saturday. I don't know.

4) Well, I just got OJ's email and so it looks like we'll be down to only 4 characters total for the party, assuming we want to continue without OJ, which I would be fine with even though I like him. It might be a good idea to take a look at all the character options before we decide for sure, but it doesn't really matter. The main thing to note is that they have divided every class into one of 4 different roles Defender, Striker, Leader and Controller. The first two are fairly self explanatory. Leaders usually have healing abilities/party buffs and controllers are able to damage or crowd control (cc) multiple mobs at once. In 4E, Rangers are strikers and Druids are melee controllers so those choices actually make us fairly well rounded at this point. But Julia should know that playing a druid will play slightly different than in 3.5. Anyway, it would be ideal, in a group of 4, to have one of all 4 different roles but it isn't necessary by any means. The most important thing is for everyone to have fun.

We'll have to talk tonight if we're going to meet tomorrow. Sarah canceled Lost at her house (she's at the Angel game) so maybe we could watch at the Flude's and figure it out then. We'll talk in a bit.

Taran said...

3. I thought your books were in already. My bad. If your books aren't in, then let's wait until next week. Next Thursday would work fine for us too.

4. OJ is bailing? He didn't include me on the email. That's sad. Any chance of talking him into it, or is he just out for good?

It will make it tough on our party. I was really hoping he'd switch over to a fighter so we'd have a defender. I would really, really like to keep my ranger, although I don't see any of the others switching over to a defender, so that might be a tough call. Maybe Bethany wants to roll a warlord, shaman or bard.