Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thursday wish list

What do you most want to see happen this Thursday for the final D&D game of 2008? Honestly, I wouldn't mind if TC killed all of us; or at least intentionally tried to kill us. That would sure be a final fight to remember. I would also like to see use of the forgery skill, an enemy spell caster counterspell either me or Bethany, an enemy spell caster turn John's skin white and/or tons of really sweet, high level rewards that cannot be used in combat. Like a magic carpet or something. What about everyone else? What would make a memorable final night?


Taran said...

I wouldn't want him to kill all of us, but I wouldn't be upset if some of us died. I'd be willing to sacrifice myself for a sense of the dramatic (and since I write all of the recaps around here, I have no problems bringing my character back to life in some ridiculous, inexplicable way).

I would love to see a scenario where the mine begins to collapse, only we're being chased by undead zombies or something. Not only do we have to make dexterity checks to avoid the falling rocks, but someone has to stay behind to try to delay the zombies so everyone else can escape (in which case I'll just refer to myself as Panamon Creel - only Brian will get that reference). Something epic of that nature would be cool.

Moonglum said...

This is no mine. It's a tomb!!